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They Wayne County Recovery Coalition seeks to reduce the impact of Opioid/Substance Use Disorder (OUI/SUD) through comprehensive prevention, treatment, recovery and support services by collaboration with community partners.

Scavenger Hunt


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  • 🔎CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #1: If you’re getting close to land and you need your ship to stop you’ll take down all your sails and this item you will drop.
    I am now _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • 🔎CLUE TO FIND SIGN #2: The opposite of a small dog is a :_ _ _ _
    The opposite of city:_ _ _ _ _ _
  • 🔎CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #3: Here you will find some things that are new and some things are _ _ _ _ to support a discipleship and recovery center.
  • 🔎 CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #4: I’m a type of building but I’m not a shed. I have many rooms but I’m not a house. I have several departments but I’m not a grocery store. I have many beds but I’m not a hotel.
  • 🔎 CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #5: There’s a certain building where you go to find NA or AA meetings. Find the sign and complete the activity on the back. Write your answer down.
  • 🔎 CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #6: There is a place we go for a walk�The children play and we can talk�Find this place if you want a lark�The sign you seek is in the…
  • 🔎CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #7: _ _ _ _ _ are red violets are blue, recovery is possible for me and you!!
  • 🔎 CLUE TO WHERE YOU WILL FIND SIGN #8:  The building you seek is where the first drop box for disposing unused medication in Jesup, GA is housed . There’s a new _ _ _ _ _ _ _   in town that was elected in 2020. You will find him here
  • 🔎CLUE TO WHERE YOU FIND SIGN #9: This building where you will find sign #9 has the most stories..
  • 🔎 CLUE TO WHERE YOU FIND SIGN #10: You will find sign #10 where you go to get local fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of homemade goodies.

Download the Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet

Let’s Talk One on One


Cover for Wayne County Recovery Coalition
Wayne County Recovery Coalition

Wayne County Recovery Coalition

The Wayne County Recovery Coalition is a community-wide coalition aimed at reducing substance misuse and connecting those seeking recovery and in long-term recovery to local resources in Wayne County, GA.

Strong connections are the antidote to addiction. #letsconnect#AnchoredInRecovery#GARecovers ... See MoreSee Less
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Today is Naloxone Awareness Day! Let's spread the word about this life-saving medication that can reverse opioid overdoses. Together, we can save lives and support those in need. #NaloxoneAwarenessDay #SaveLives ... See MoreSee Less
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