Partly Sunny with A Chance of Rainbows

To face the storms of life, I have heard somewhere to learn to dance in the rain. I cannot take credit for that quote. As broken as it may be in that sentence, attitude is remarkably similar. Like water off a ducks back, attitude gets tricky to control if the duckling is young, has not the proper water shedding oils or is simply a stubborn duck and just stays in the rain for no good reason. I feel like that duck. Although fully grown I have stayed in the rain way to long.

God says He is my shelter. He will put his wings around me. He is my protector. His rainbow is a promise. A promise that I shall no longer be destroyed by a flood of “negative attitude.” (Genesis 9:8-16)

Not only can attitude make or break any situation, but it will also set the mood in a positive or negative way. It can set the tone for an entire day or even longer, effect relationships, work, progress and even more than anything… freedom.

Personally, my attitude has been mostly negative…partly cloudy. Always in the storm, never full shine, windy and even a few lightning strikes. A very, very scary place for me to be. And for those around me who have peace or let us just say positivity, why do they want to sit around in the rain or even worse, get struck by lightning.

It is up to me to change my attitude with the help of prayer, correction, mind set and maybe even medication. Point being, if I do not, I will stay that stubborn, ugly duckling sitting in the storms of life.

It is not every day that I get a chance to grow and change…or is it? Attitude is how I can look at things. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is it the world or is it me and my attitudes?

It is me. It is all in how I choose to weather the storm. It may take practice, but do I want a boat or to keep swimming in circles almost to point of drowning and death, even worse a spiritual death.

Every cloud has a silver lining… friends, hope, smiles, laughter, success, freedom and acceptance. With a good attitude that cloud may still produce rain. With that rain though grows beautiful flowers and… Rainbows. A Hope and a future… Gods cleansing promise.

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